WINAICO Solar Panels

For maximum performance two factors are key to the profits gained from a solar power system: Firstly, the solar panels must generate the highest energy yield possible. Secondly, they must work reliably for long periods. WINAICO solar panels do just that.


As a subsidiary of semiconductor manufacturer Win Win Precision Technology, they have direct access to the latest microelectronics technology. 

WINAICO's quality control systems


WINAICO Quality Control Testing

Every single aspect of a WINAICO solar panels is designed for high performance in the long term. Stringent quality management of the whole production line followed by a 100% micro-optical, mechanical and electrical outgoing check ensures the premium quality of every single WINAICO photovoltaic module.

winaico solar testing list

WINAICO test the modules above and beyond TÜV standards in their test labs. In addition to CE, MCS and UL certification, all Winaico products are certified in line with IEC/EN 61215 (ed. 2) and IEC/EN 61730, protection class II.

WINAICO Solar Panel Quality Control

The modules have also passed the salt spray corrosion test according to IEC 61701 and feature the DLG test mark for resistance to ammonia.
The WSP series can be used in all Australian coastal regions thanks to its tested resistance to salt spray.

WINAICO Solar Power Cell Production

WINIACO Solar Cells

The solar cells are the key to a solar panel's electrical output. WINAICO uses high-efficiency cells displaying the least variance in the manufacturing process. This results in high-performance levels for every single module – with good energy yields even during low light levels.

WINAICO Solar Power Production process


Films on the rear protect the components from damp and other external influences. The rear film used by WINAICO is highly resistant to weathering and is the only proven film to reliably protect photovoltaic modules for their full lives (more than 25 years).

WINAICO Solar Cell production process

WINAICO Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape bonds the aluminium frame and glass. Unlike a silicone seal, the adhesive tape offers resistance to heat, UV light and chemical attack from e.g. ammonia. The adhesive tape used by WINAICO keeps out dirt and moisture, is very durable and balances out the different expansion rates of glass and aluminium without causing stress. 



The frame protects the laminate inside it from thermal and mechanical stresses. The unique WINAICO module frame is made from solid aluminium and delivers maximum stability and protection from material fatigue. Rounded aluminium corner pieces guarantee maximum distortion rigidity and water tightness.


Strict quality management and the careful selection of components enable WINAICO to ensure homogeneous modules. Thanks to the unique WINAICO frame design, WINAICO modules display very accurate dimensions and high-quality workmanship that means the modules will stand up to a critical eye even after 25 years or more.


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