Since December 2014, Suntech has upgraded manufacturing facilities to produced solar panels with four bus bars. The new solar panels will replace the current three bus bar solar panels.

Once again, Suntech has proven the high quality and durability of their solar panels with a certification for passing the VDE enhanced hail test.

Shunfeng’s latest figures show a massive 159% increase in sales of Suntech solar panels in 2014 with production reaching 3,238 megawatts.

Suntech's growth phase has resulted in a Tier 1 rating from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Since 2001 Suntech has played a major role in the renewable energy revolution that is sweeping across the world. They have done this using Australian technology developed at the University of New South Wales.

Suntech today announced it is adding another measure of protection for customer warranties: Its solar panels' performance will be insured by Chinese-based insurance company Ping An and re-insured by the leading risk carrier, Munich Re.

The quality of Suntech's polycrystalline silicon module ranks above industry standards according to OST Energy's independent technical review of the company. OST Energy also provided independent validation that Suntech's production facilities are in line with international (IFC and World Bank) lender requirements for a primary supply chain.

Suntech will provide PV solar panels for 7.5 MW of off-grid projects to power rural schools and villages in Malaysia. The first phase will provide 960 kW to power three schools and 20 surrounding villages. The subsequent rollout of the project will reach a total of 7.5 MW of electricity to additional rural schools and villages.

Thanks to its recent acquisition by Hong Kong-based Shunfeng Photovoltaics Ltd., Suntech has the best financial balance sheet within the solar industry and is implementing a new business strategy which will make it the largest integrated clean energy supplier in the world.

Suntech scientists recently conducted a study that found solar panel laboratory test conditions do not mirror the realities of the real world.

Suntech today announced its modules have received the VDE Quality-Tested certification, attesting to the quality of Suntech solar panels exceeds existing industry standards.

There are  hundreds of Sunday Energy customers who have Suntech solar power systems. Sunday Energy customers will appreciate Suntech's ongoing commitment to underwrite all Suntech solar panels manufactured since 2001.

Suntech has a proud history of research and development in photovoltaic technologies. 

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