When you install a solar PV system, you are eligible to receive an upfront discount to recoup some of the costs. The discount is for the monetary value of small-scale technology certificates (STCs). These STCs are for the clean energy your system will create. Simply put, the more solar panels you install, the more STCs you create, and the more money you keep in your pocket. From January 2017, this will change.

The tax office has just put money into your bank account. You paid your share of tax, and now it is time to enjoy your tax return. The question is: do you spend it or invest it?

Living in Perth? Considering solar power? Get paid for the clean energy you export.

How much solar power can you expect to generate on the shortest day of the year? 

Solar panels have become a reliable long-term solution for cheap clean electricity generation in Australia. Here are three videos that show how they work, how we use them, and why we need them.

The State Government today announced the start of a solar battery storage trial for residents at Alkimos Beach, which aims to save participating households at least 15 per cent on their power bills.

We compare the seasonal electricity generation of a solar power system in Perth. Here are the results.

Building or renovating? Want a house that is comfortable to live in and energy efficient?

Want to see how much power your solar panels are producing while you are on holiday? If you own a mobile phone or computer, you can.

All new solar inverters are required to have an earth fault notification/alarm system. There are a few choices. We know what our customers prefer but what is your preference?

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